Croatia / City of Zagreb / Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and it is located in the central continental region with a population of one million. It is one of the leading economic centers and a destination for business, congress and cultural tourism. The first written mention of the city dates back to 1094, when a diocese was founded on Kaptol, while the neighboring Gradec was named a free royal city in 1242. Both of those settlements were surrounded by sturdy walls and towers, of there are remnants to this day. Zagreb was founded with the joining of those two settlements. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the city gets a baroque renewal with the construction of luxurious palaces, monasteries and churches. After the destructive earthquake of 1880, the city is rebuilt and modernized. Representative public buildings are constructed, fountains and parks are arranged, public transportation and utilities services are set in place. Zagreb is full of historical monuments and many other attractions which serve as evidence of the city’s turbulent past. We recommend you visit Mary’s Post with angels and fountain, statue of Josip Strossmayer, statue of Ban Josip Jelačić (first large public sculpture in Zagreb), statue of the “Thinker”, statue of Petar Preradović, statue of King Thomas, statue of St. George in battle with a dragon (statue inspired by late Baroque era), statue of Antun Gustav Matoš, Well of Life, statue of August Šenoa. Of the architectural monuments you can visit the Zagreb Cathedral (the most magnificent architectural structure of gothic ecclestial construction southwest of the Alps), church of St. Francis (a one nave, early gothic hall church), church of St. Mark (based on Romanic style, finished as a hall style church and is a unique gothic complex), Lotršćak tower (once the main city tower, today’s trademark of Zagreb), HAZA palace, national theater, national archive building, church of St. Blaise, Napredak building and the Meštrović pavilion. Apart from numerous monuments and architecture, history lovers can visit over thirty museum and gallery collections. You can entertain yourself in several cultural centers and about 20 theaters. Take part in one of the festivities held in Zagreb. Some of them are the world animated film festival, musical biennale, festival of avant-garde music and flower fair, dance and theater festival and the international folklore festival. Those who like to have fun until the early morning hours can do so in various night clubs (“Aquarius”, “Boogaloo”, “Saloon”, “The Best”), cocktail bars (“Fantasy Club”, “Vertigo bar”), clubs (“Crazy Horse”, “Jabuka”, “Močvara), lounge bars (“Fly!Bar”, “Hemingway”, “People’s”) and night bars (“Piranha”, “Paradiso klub”). Culinary enthusiasts can enjoy the various delicacies of the city from traditional sweets (paprenjak, samoborski bermet and cakes), meat dishes (ham and cheese filled veal, turkey with pasta and broach), to “štrukli” (Croatia’s best known specialty, can be cooked, baked, added to soup or served as dessert). All of these specialties can be found in one of many restaurants such as “Kadena”, “Laguna”, “Kvatrić” and “Kod Dida”. If you wish to enjoy seafood specialties, visit “Bota Šare”, “Bonaca”, “Dida” and “Burin”.