Croatia / Primorje-Gorski kotar / Rijeka

Rijeka is a port city and the center of Primorje – Gorski Kotar County. Did you know that the “morčić” is the symbol of Rijeka? Jewelry worn by seafarers as a sort of protection from danger at sea and has become especially popular when the archduchess Ana Maria brought it to the Vienna palace in the 19th century. Maybe the morčić will become the backbone for your story about Rijeka and maybe that will be the perfect souvenir you bring home with you. Although it is a port city, that does not make the atmosphere heavily industrial. It has retained its coastal charm, hidden in its streets. The city is rich in historical monuments which serve as evidence of its rich past. Those who appreciate cultural monuments can enjoy visiting the Municipija palace (the former headquarters of city rule), governor’s palace (maritime and historical museum of Croatian coast), university libraries, museum of modern art, city museum, Komuna palace (oldest maintained Rijeka City Hall), churches of St. Vitus and St. Sebastian (protector from the plague), remains of late Antiquity castrum, old gates of the Roman arch (representative portal of the main entrance in to the Pretorij – navy command from the late Antiquity period), Mondello palace, city tower (constructed on the previous main seaside entrance to the old town of Rijeka) and many other historical monuments. Be sure to visit the numerous museums, galleries (galleries “Laval”, “Kontinental”, “Art”, “Siz” and others), sacral collections (collection and gallery of the shrine of Our Lady of Trsat, sacral collection of the Cathedral of St. Vitus and others) and the astronomic center. While in Rijeka, you can take the opportunity to explore its surrounding area. Visit Risnjak National Park, Učka and Velebit mountains, cities of Opatija and Crikvenica where you can take part in various attractive events. Those who enjoy sports can take part in various water sports. There are several lovely beaches in the city such as Bivio (city bathing area with many small beaches, of which some are pebbly and others are rocky with various possibilities, and one of them is made especially to be accessible for those with physical disabilities) and Pećine (a large city bathing area with many small beaches including various activities, so you can rent sun beds or get refreshments in one of the beach bars). Those who need entertainment till the dawn, can enjoy live music in several small cafes located around the church of St. Vitus, the Budha bar, or visit the ship Nina which also offers entertainment. The main promenade has a casino which is open all night and if you wish to see a play you can do so in the Ivan Zajc theatre. You can enjoy culinary specialties of the region in the “Arca Fiumena”, “Feral”, “Fortunal”, “Zlatna Školjka”, “Bodgea”, “Frankopan”, “Kantrida”, “Tarsa” and “Stina” restaurants.